Employee Starters and Leavers

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Please welcome the following staff to our NZL team who have started over the last few months

Daniel Curtis                                    Driver

Jason Green                                     Driver

Ian Saul                                             Driver

Craig Lambert                                  Driver

Grant Heerdegen                            Driver

Andrew Ray                                      Driver (starts Jan 2018)

Brent Leak (Left)                             General Manager


And we thank the following team members for their service who are leaving us or who have left recently:

Shane Purser                                   Driver

Glyn Spiller                                      Driver

Michael Curtis                                 Driver

Calib Lim                                          Storeman

Dave Barnes                                     Owner Driver

Mike Collins   (Spider)                   Driver for OD Shaun McKnight

Rob Tyson                                        Driver for OD Shaun McKnight

Diff Anderson                                  Owner Driver

Shaun Walters                                 Fleet Maintenance Co-ordinator

Aimi Cherry                                     General Manager



Photo caption: Brent Leak

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