Safety Tips to get you through to the end of the year

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There are two big safety issues facing us at this time of year – fatigue and traffic. Fatigue has a number of causes – two of the main ones are dehydration and lack of rest – and both are easily remedied.

With the hot, dry weather at this time of the year dehydration is a major factor in daily fatigue. We would remind and encourage all our staff especially drivers and stores personnel to ensure their daily intake of fluids (preferably water) is where it needs to be. If you are thirsty please don’t ignore the message your body is giving you.

Lack of good sleep is another major contributing factor to daily fatigue. Ensure you get the sleep your body needs in order to function well. If you are finding it hard to over-night in your truck cab then do not hesitate to ask to be booked into a motel.

A good shower and bed can make all the difference to a staff member who is required to drive all day. If you find yourself having a nod when operating – then pull over or stop what you are doing and take 5. All managers, dispatchers and supervisors would rather you take 5 than put yourself and others at risk for the sake of 5 minutes lost.

This end of the year can see an increase in traffic on the road- tourists, townies, caravans, boats and bikes. We urge all our drivers as the professionals to display patience when other road users show poor skill levels. Remember above all – no one intentionally tries to cause an accident, cut you off or make your journey longer than it needs to be, these other road users just don’t have your skill level and don’t understand implications of poor decisions that they make.

Giving them the bird or tailgating will not improve their driving skill and once an accident happens it’s hard to undo.

Your professionalism in a BIG GREEN truck does not go un-noticed and is appreciated by all NZL Management and no doubt your family when you arrive home safe and sound.

Lastly we thank you all for the effort you have all made in working safely this year. Given there are many daily challenges and compliance rules you all have to work with and around it is encouraging to see staff accept these and largely get on with the work without complaint.

Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable Christmas

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