NZL Group have a dedicated team of allocators and a key account manager who are experts in supply chain management. Within the planning team they currently assign 600 – 1000 consignments each day to approved and contracted transport companies throughout New Zealand.  NZL supply freight and storage services for businesses striving for efficiencies and a cost model that suit both its own business and that of their customers.

Having a large network of options allows NZL to have a faster response time to supply and demand requests due to flexible and alternative choices amongst our pool of sub contractors, using the best available carrier approach.

This approach is simple and effective, as we select the best mode and the best carriers who work to maximize back loads and round trips etc; the perfect sustainable model.

The NZ Logistics Key Account Manager is in charge of ensuring the team meets all the customer requirements as well as compliance, carrier inductions and audits.NZ Logistics team work alongside an integrated operations system, which includes NZL management, transport and warehousing teams to efficiently utilise all areas of our organisation, to build the complete service package.

Our business analyst team provide detailed and clear reporting to continuously drive innovation and improvement.